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January 17, 2018 by Kristi Woods (Oklahoma)

The brown-colored Bible mentioned in today’s devotional remained closed for a few years after high school. I held the Lord at arm’s length during college days into my young adult years. But one day in my mid-twenties, faith’s fire ignited. That’s when that beautiful gift, the Bible, began planting seeds.  

I opened it – really opened it – for the first time while living in Newnan, Georgia. That’s where I found the Lord. God's word came alive and began guiding me. One time in particular the pages flipped open to 1 Corinthians 1:10-17. Little did I know its wisdom would be needed just a few hours later. I stand in awe to this day of the power of God and scripture to guide me in what could have been a tumultuous situation.  

The Bible became my sword in many ways, especially during the multitude of moves my family and I faced during our days as a military family. Philippians 4:6 became a lifeline for action, a truth to recall during stressful moves. I even printed it on an index card and taped it to the bathroom mirror during one move from Florida. With each look in the mirror I found myself repeating the truth, an effort to thwart my own strong self-will and temptation to worry. God’s word guided faithfully.  

When my husband, Tony, retired and we and our three children moved to Oklahoma four years ago, the brown Bible and sage wisdom within its pages moved with us. However, it now sits on a shelf, often untouched and unopened. I use another Bible more frequently simply because I’m afraid that beautiful graduation gift will fall apart. But the words contained within it never will.  

Now, as a Christian writer, I daily meander, dig, and hold close God’s word. His truth fuels the stories and devotionals I write. To continue spreading the Bible near and far and to aid in tucking God’s Word in my own heart, I’ve even created a scripture memorization program at This year readers and I are memorizing a whole Psalm. That’s exciting! Oh, the power of God’s word – what an thrilling adventure, a life-changing lamp lighting our path.

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