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February 3, 2018 by Jane Reid (Oregon)

As you read this, Christmas is long past, but as I write, it is three days away. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m as excited as a child because my children and grandchildren are coming. Six little ones between the ages of one and five add joyful chaos to our family gatherings. My children and in-law children are wonderful parents. It is a joy to watch them with their children.

The Bible tells us that grandchildren are a crown of age (Proverb 17:6). We are witnesses of God’s faithfulness to the new generation. My Christmas prayer is for all God’s people in every land to share, by word and deed, the good news of God’s faithfulness.  How?

We can let children see us read our Bible and read it to them, or retell the wonderful stories in our own words. We can speak God’s promises over them, pray for them, and with them. By behaving with kindness, patience and gentleness toward each other, we demonstrate how Christians behave.  We have stories of our own that show what God has done for us and for our families and friends. The Bible says we are all God’s children. We don’t have to be parents or grandparents to be witnesses to God’s faithfulness to us.

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