September-October 2017 - Building Together

September 1, 2017 by Stephane Brooks (Tennessee)

Among the programs offered by Upper Room Ministries is The Walk to Emmaus, an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that seeks to develop servant-leadership and encourages participants to live discipleship in community. (For more information, visit

In September 2016, the first Asian Emmaus Ministries Leadership Development Event was held in Seoul, South Korea. It brought together Emmaus community leaders from Russia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea to create spaces in which participants could both experience God’s grace and continue to grow in it. As part of the event, our team also led a workshop to teach people how to write for The Upper Room magazine.

Strangers came together to grow in knowledge and faith. Time spent in worship, table discussions, and at meals gave these leaders opportunities to encourage and pray for one another, to exchange ideas, and to learn about the cultures of fellow participants. God used this opportunity to break down barriers and build bridges. Those who participated in the gathering promised that together they will contribute to the building of God’s kingdom in Asia.

With a similar aim, we come together here each day through the pages of The Upper Room — where the world meets to pray. God uses the opportunity of our gathering together as readers to break down barriers, build bridges, and draw us closer together. I can think of no greater joy than to see people come together to grow in knowledge of God and one another, bringing to life God’s kingdom here on earth.

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