The Pause that Refreshes

February 5, 2018 by Robert E. Boertien (Oregon)

While shoveling snow and de-icing walkways may not stimulate much enthusiasm, one task I do enjoy during the winter months is ensuring that our bird feeders are filled with suet and seeds.  Many birds leave for warmer climates, but the woodpeckers faithfully visit the feeders each day.  Although the photogenic Pileated woodpecker is always a crowd pleaser, Northern Flickers, various sapsuckers, and tiny Downey woodpeckers are more than welcome.

The woodpeckers seldom linger, but rather stop by the feeders for a quick, refreshing snack before flying off to their daily chores which consist of creating a rhythmic drumming sound as they peck apart dead trees in their quest for sap or insects.

In similar fashion, The Upper Room devotionals can supply a daily source of spiritual nourishment to all who are willing to spend a few minutes reading the related scripture and the inspiring words of the writers.  I find that I frequently mark a particular reading, as I find it so relevant that I wish to return to it at a later date.  I am humbled to have had several of my submissions accepted for publication over the years, and my prayer continues to be that others will find nourishment, comfort, and hope in the daily devotionals of The Upper Room.   

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Herocover july18

I wish . . . when I was a child . . .

"This is absolutely lovely! How I wish I had been exposed or otherwise taught this beautiful lesson exactly as it is written here when I was a child. Going on 60 years old now, I am just coming to believe the words contained in this piece. As I look back on my life now, I suspect that my feelings of unworthiness of God’s love began at a very young age. Not explicitly, by which I mean to say that I was never told that I was not worthy of God’s love and mercy, but rather implicitly, through my experiences with simple human error and a constant focus on perfection and pleasing others. I cannot express to you how beautiful this piece is to me; I can only tell you that it touches me very deeply. Thank you!" Read more about Pockets.