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November 19, 2021 by Carol Macwan (Gujarat, India)


This is my update since I wrote my meditation for today about always trusting in God for our needs, no matter what situation we are in. I wrote about starting a course in a university. Since then, I have completed my teacher-training program with outstanding grades.

The program was two years long, and it was especially difficult because of the intrusion of the COVID-19 pandemic. I realized that when I started the course, I didn’t know why I ended up there. I was not getting on well, especially with the simulated teaching experiences, since I have an introverted personality. But God’s plans for our lives are for God’s glory and for our best. Like the Israelites in Exodus, at times we feel we’ve ended up in a situation that prevents us from turning back or going forward. But God knows the way, and we can trust God. During the lockdowns over the past two years, I had the opportunity to help with online meetings and fellowships in church, which prepared me for my online teaching simulation and also boosted my confidence. I also felt that my experiences with teaching kids at school and church were complementary to each other.

Right after I finished the program, by God’s grace, I was able to find a job as a primary teacher in a nearby school. Looking back, I was quite clueless when I started the program. But today when I recall the mercies of God over these years, the experiences that I’ve had and the ways God has led me through each phase of anxiety, depression, failure, and grace, I can only testify God’s goodness every time.

I praise God immensely for the good that God brings out of us for God’s glory, no matter our circumstance. God also equips us according to the need and situation. And when we submit to and trust God, God makes our paths straight.

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