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December 25, 2021 by Ken Claar (Idaho, USA)

I am 89 years old, don’t drive, and can’t do many things I wish I could do. When I read about how I should go around witnessing or go on mission trips or participate in activities at my church, I feel useless and ashamed that I can no longer do them.

But like the inn keeper in the Christmas story, I will do what I am able to do. He was only able to offer a stall in his stable, but it turned out that was exactly what they needed — a space to rest and for Mary to deliver her son. In the same way, I am finding that there are things I can do that are within my limited capabilities. I spend time morning and evening in prayer and I talk to God all day. . . I am able to donate money to various causes, and I can still write my Christian mystery novels. My ninth one is about to be published. I can also occasionally have a devotion published in The Upper Room. These things are what I am able to do.  God is so good to me and still allows me to be useful. I thank God for that privilege and for God’s boundless love.

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