February 2022 Wednesday Study Questions

January 24, 2022 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

February 2: Singing Praises

1. Are you musically inclined?  Do you enjoy singing as a form of worship, or do you prefer other forms of worship?  Why?

2. What part of worship tends to feel like a traditional formality?  What can you do at your next worship service to enjoy that part of worship more fully?

3. Who in scripture worshiped God with joy and thanksgiving? What scripture verses best remind you of the importance of joyful worship?

4. Describe a time when you heard God’s voice or felt God open your heart during worship.  What was the experience like?  How did it change the way you worship?

5. Who in your life has encouraged you to worship in new and different ways?  How have you been blessed by these new ways of worshiping God?

February 9: Sharing Blessings

1. When have you helped someone who did not have anyone else to help them?  Why did you choose to offer help?  How did they respond?

2. Do you find it easy or difficult to serve others?  Why?  What prayers help you to humbly serve those around you?

3. Who in your community needs help today?  How can you serve them?  How can you show them God’s love and care?

4. When has someone’s act of service toward you changed the way you serve others? What is the most powerful act of service that you have witnessed or received?

5. What service opportunities does your church offer?  Are you active in these ministries?  How does your church help you find opportunities to show God’s love to others?

February 16: Loneliness

1. Do social media and other forms of technology make you feel more connected to others or more isolated from them?  When have you experienced loneliness in recent years?  What possible connections do you see between social media and loneliness?

2. When you experience loneliness, what helps you to deal with it?

3. Do you feel that God’s law of love illuminates your shortcomings?  If so, in what ways?  How do you strive to live out this law of love each day? 

4. How easy is it for you to become captivated by virtual connections?  Why do you think those kinds of connections are so appealing to us?  How do you actively seek to give more time and attention to those who are near to you physically?

5. How does it encourage you to know that when you work together with the broader Christian community, your individual efforts go further?  When have you seen Christians come together to make a more significant difference as a group than they would have individually?

February 23: The Waiting Room

1. When have you judged someone negatively based on their appearance?  What did you do when you realized you had judged them negatively?

2. How does focusing on the humanity and depth of a person help you to love them?  When have you changed your opinion about someone by thinking of them in this way?

3. Are you encouraged to know that Christ died for you and loves you no matter who you are?  How does that knowledge change the way you think and act?

4. How do you strive to emulate Jesus’ example of loving everyone we meet?  Name specific ways you will show love to others today.

5. How would your church look different if every member loved others as freely as Jesus did?  How would your community look different if everyone loved others in this way?  How would the world look different?

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