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April 12, 2018 by Ann Stewart (South Australia, Australia)

I love the verses in Philippians 4:4-9. They remind me of the 'better way' to live that I wrote about in today's meditation. These verses contain Paul's recipe for experiencing peace instead of worry and anxiety. There is so much we can worry about in our troubled and busy world. I can be quite good at worrying at times, however it doesn't change anything and only has a negative effect on me mentally, physically and spiritually. 

When I feel myself worrying, I remember to be glad and full of joy about who God is — faithful, creator, healer, savior, trustworthy, compassionate, merciful, just, loving, constant, and the list goes on...

I encourage myself to find something to do to show kindness, compassion and consideration to someone else and so hopefully brighten up their day. I remember that God is with me. God is near, closer than a breath away. I breathe slowly and imagine the Holy Spirit filling every cell of my body as I breathe in and imagine my worries leaving me as I breathe out. 

When I find myself overthinking and dwelling on problems I remind myself to pray and ask God for what I need instead of attempting to work it out and fix it myself. I also thank God for all he has done and will do. I try to stay mindful of the many things I am grateful for by dwelling on them and writing them in my journal.

I know that Jesus left me his peace. It's a gift. I just need to open the gift and receive it. When we follow Paul's recipe for peace, he says we will experience 'the peace of God that exceeds all understanding' (Philippians 4:7 CEB). I continue to be a work in progress and some days I'm a slow learner! However, the words in Philippians are an encouragement and help to me as I apply them in my daily walk with the Lord. I invite you to read them today and join me in finding ways to put them into practice.

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