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Wind Blown

May 5, 2018 by Montra C. Weaver (Texas)

In Texas, before we experience the heat of our summer, we feel continual south winds that hit us at 25 mph, gusting to 50 mph or more. These winds cause tree branches to fall, often snapping power lines or raking shingles from roofs. Any yard furniture or umbrella quickly falls victim to the powerful blowing. People who enjoy outdoor sports find little to cheer as the wind pitches balls in unpredictable directions and throws dust into unprotected faces.

Montra's granddaughter

Sometimes I want to echo the cries of my granddaughter, who when playing outside, yells at the wind to “STOP”. Seeing her frustration, I catch a glimpse of what the disciples may have experienced on the Sea of Galilee as they fought a storm that tossed their boat like the branches of our trees. These men were not on solid ground but on churning, unpredictable water. As they struggled for their lives, the disciples finally looked to Jesus, as their own resources proved insufficient. With his presence and word, Jesus stopped the winds and brought an end to their struggle.

While my granddaughter may wish that she could control the wind, I want her to understand that we serve a God who has not only the wind, but all creation in His control. When I feel our Texas winds swirl around me, sometimes pounding me so hard that I fear their power, I want them to remind me that the God who directs the winds is the same God who holds my life in loving hands.

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