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May 9, 2018 by Wilma R. Vernich (Tennessee)
Wilma and her mother

My sister and I enjoy recalling this story and at the time, we thought the solution to our predicament showed some pretty creative thinking on our part. I do not know why, as a child, I had reservations about sharing our family's faith.  For a young person it is often more important to fit in and I didn't want to be thought of as different or weird by others.  It also may have had something to do with the fact that our family was not part of a mainstream religion, which was hard for me to explain to people when asked.  Regardless, I certainly have no problem whatsoever talking about my faith now that I am an adult and have matured in my daily walk with Christ.  In fact, I adore having chance encounters with people within the family of faith as well as those who are yet to become believers. Nothing excites me more than discussing how Bible passages apply to daily living, sharing encouraging scripture and exchanging stories about how God works in our lives.    

Wilma's parents, Robert and Wanda Niekamp

Furthermore, with the seeds of faith my parents planted, I am able to pass the spiritual baton off to my own two children, the next generation. We don't often grasp the width and breadth and depth of our parents' love when we are growing up, just as we don't always fathom our heavenly Father's unconditional love for us.  However, because of the example of both my parents, I am eternally grateful to them for passing the legacy of faith on to me. 

Although my father and mother are deceased,  I loved them dearly and wanted to honor their memory with this particular devotion.  They supplied a treasure trove of love, wisdom and faith in God.  This made for a rock-solid foundation upon which I could build my life, as Jesus said in Matthew 7:25. Whatever happens in this physical life, my house will never fall because it has a solid foundation.  Through my belief in what Christ has done, my eternal home is secure.  May we all run our race well... all the way to the finish line, and beyond!

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