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June 2018 Wednesday Study Questions

May 28, 2018 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

June 6: Multiply My Efforts!

1. When have you been faced with a challenge for which you did not feel prepared? How did you overcome the challenge?

2. Describe a time in your life when God “multiplied your efforts.” What did this experience teach you about God and what did it teach you about yourself?
3. Do you think God wants us to first try to do things on our own before asking for help? Why or why not?
4. Is it easy or difficult for you to ask for God’s help? Why?
Recall a time when you relied on your strength alone to
accomplish a task. What difference might it have made in the situation had you asked God to intervene?
5. For what in your life would you ask God’s help today?

June 13: Small Things

1. Is any request too small or trivial to bring to God in prayer? Explain your answer.
2. When, where, and from whom did you learn to pray? In what ways has your prayer life changed over time?
3. Do you think any of our prayers are ever a bother to God? Why or why not?
4. Recall some characters from scripture who prayed for small things. How did God answer their prayers? What do their stories teach us about prayer?
5. Today’s Thought for the Day says, “God wants to hear all my concerns — big and small.” Name one “big” concern and one “small” one about which you are praying this week.

June 20: Open Your Eyes!

1. When have you failed to see God’s blessings because you were so focused on other things? How has this experience helped you become more aware of God’s blessings in your daily life?

2. Why do you think that it is sometimes easy to take God’s blessings for granted? What can you do to become more aware of the ways God blesses you each day?
3. Sometimes people will say that something was a “blessing in disguise.” What do you think they mean by the phrase “blessing in disguise”? Have you ever received such a blessing?
4. Do you think God blesses some people more than others? Why would God heap blessings on some people while withholding blessings from others? Explain your answer.
5. Name some of the blessings for which you are thankful to God today. In the coming week, how will you be more attentive to the blessings God has given you?

June 27: Above and Beyond

1. Have you ever had an experience similar to the writer of today’s meditation in which you were reluctant to serve but you were glad you did? What did you learn from this experience?
2. With what attitude does God want us to serve others? Support your answer with scripture.
3. Is it ever possible to become overextended in our commitments to serve others? What are some ways we can care for others while also caring for ourselves?
4. Choose a story from one of the four Gospels in which Jesus serves a person or group of people. What attributes of Jesus’ service in this story would you like to emulate in your own service to others?
5. What opportunities to serve God by serving others does your church community offer? What opportunities would you like for it to offer? In what three specific ways will you go above and beyond in serving God this week?

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