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June 22, 2018 by Ron Sanders (Michigan)

I’ve tried to convey to all handicapped (personally, I like to use the term physically challenged) Upper Room meditation readers that life is not over, due to a physical challenge. My motto has been for years, “Never place a period in your life, when God has placed a comma.” The aforementioned motto has  propelled and enabled me to get married and watch two of my granddaughters graduate from high school and go on to college. I‘ve had the pleasure of seeing three other grandchildren born within the 25 years since suffering “THE” stroke. I always say “THE” stroke because I've never claimed it has my stroke. I apologize for using "I" and "my" so frequently in this particular text, because I’ve made it a habit to use "I" and "my" sparingly in most writing. It’s really NOT about me, it's about YOU.

It has been 25 years as of, May 22, 2018, since I suffered the debilitating stroke. However, I will briefly inform you readers of “the next chapter” since the original submission of this meditation.  Many motivational/inspirational speeches have been given. The good news of Jesus Christ was spoken of in a lot of those speeches. I have also authored and published a book, “CONCERNED BUT NOT CONSUMED, OVERCOMING CHALLENGES.” A website, has been constructed. PLEASE know this is not bragging, but an attempt to show how God only placed a COMMA in life, not a PERIOD! And that goes for every physically challenged person presently reading this meditation update. I will close, with a true statement told to me, “Book & Stroke don’t go together.” Response: “With Jesus Christ, all things are possible.” Thank you.  

God bless, love you all and be well, 

Ron Sanders

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