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June 25, 2018 by Lara Beard (Kentucky)

Summer brings quiet mornings appreciating God’s blessings and spending time outdoors while there is still dew on the grass — picking a bouquet of flowers or a pail of blueberries, or marveling at the unbelievable way God engineered the tiny body of a hummingbird as it buzzes by. Garden catalog treasures come to fruition, and I am ever amazed by the endless variety of colors and designs in every little thing that God has made. These moments are ones that I treasure, because they help me to hear that still quiet voice and to feel God’s presence with me.

Even when I am not at home in the country, I look for places that bring me close to nature. Amid the loud, constantly changing, clambering voices of the world, I always see the unchanging qualities of God in creation. In the fall, God blankets the earth with leaves; in the winter, with snow; in the spring, with flowers; and in the summer, with dew. Always, God blankets us with the love and protection that we need to carry on. God’s immutable nature comforts me most — God is ALWAYS there. I see God in the love of others, in the wonderful creation, and in God's unchanging word. I wrote "God’s Blanket" to describe how God's love makes me feel:

God’s Blanket

Covered with the Word of God, His Grace is like a cloak;

Our feet are with bright courage shod, in promises He spoke.

Our legs encased in heavenly strength to help us fight the foe,

Ready to go to any length to uphold the Truth we know.

Girded with unending faith, we have no earthly fear.

Clothed in the words that Jesus said, we know that He is near.

Our Shield protects us day and night from temptations, trials, and care.

His Holy Spirit leads the way — in His armor, not a tear.

In Christ our Lord, our hearts are true, and strong in the darkest night.

His Glory covers us like the dew; we are precious in His sight.

Helmet of strength, encase our minds; protect us from the enemy’s lies.

In your unchanging love we find to all but righteousness you close our eyes.

Wrapped in the Word from head to toe, Your love will never let us grow cold;

We wait for Heaven where we shall go victorious, strong, and bold.

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