November-December 2017 - A Savior is Born

November 1, 2017 by Mona Bagasao-Cave
A Savior is Born - Ain Vares (Estonia, Contemporary)

The breath that put life into all creation takes its first gasp of desert air.  The voice that spoke the universe into existence sounds as a baby’s cry.  The spirit that roamed the universe becomes a tiny body of dust and water.  This is God’s greatest gift — the birth of the Savior.

The cover art for this issue uses both vertical and horizontal movement to capture the magnitude of the moment when God descended to earth to live among us.  In Ain Vares’s mystical painting, light spills down from the heavenly star as worshipers lift their arms in praise and thanksgiving for the gift that God has sent.  The horizontal movement of Vares’s work is seen in Mary’s arm resting lightly on Joseph as they contemplate the Savior’s birth.  A shepherd clasps his friend’s shoulder in a gesture of sharing.  Light pushes through the crowd and shines out into the darkness, representing the light we bring to the world when we are in relationship with others.  The more we grow in relationship with one another, the greater the light becomes. The vertical and horizontal aspects of Vares’s work can be applied to our lives and relationship with God as well.  We can celebrate God’s gift to us by worshiping God through praise and thanksgiving, and moving into closer relationship with one another.

Cover photo courtesy of the artist. © 2010 Ain Vares.  Prints of cover art are available at

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