Pray It Forward

November 26, 2017 by Fiona Massie (Oxfordshire, England)

On the 2nd July 1954 I received my first letter, I was two days old! It was written by my Uncle Jack and Aunt Eleanor to welcome me into the world.

Sadly, they were childless, so my parents had lovingly given them the honour of naming me. They chose the name Fiona. In that letter they assured me that as I grew up I would be learning all about their precious Saviour from my parents. They also wanted me to know that they would be praying for me that eventually I would come to know this Saviour for myself and give my life to serve him.

Sixty three years later, I am indeed serving my Saviour as best I can and I still have their letter. Despite the paper being yellowed by age and the type print fading, it is one of my most prized possessions because it reminds me of their love for me, Gods faithfulness, and the effectiveness of prayer.

Fiona with her son

In my devotion, I have described how infectious the passion my son has for rugby has proved. I am truly blessed to be able to tell you that his passion for Jesus is also infectious and how thrilled I am that he is raising his own son to be a follower of the Lord too. 

Because I treasure the letter from my uncle and aunt so much, I was inspired to write a similar letter after the birth of my first grandson who now, at thirteen years old (and taller than me!) is becoming a skilled rugby player too. His dad is the team coach.

It is a common experience to find that witnessing to our nearest and dearest can be tougher than talking to strangers but I hope this short blog encourages you to share your passions; both spiritual and physical with your family members and to bring them often before the Lord in prayer. He is such a faithful God after all.
It has been a pleasure to write both the devotion and now this blog post.
Thank you once again!
Yours in Him,
Fiona (Massie)   UK...hence perhaps some spelling differences!

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