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March 28, 2019 by Kim Sisk (Oklahoma, USA)

My grandmother was an avid Upper Room for reader much of her life, so I was first exposed to the publication when I was just a child.  After my Emmaus journey twenty years ago, I started reading The Upper Room daily.  When the online version became available, I started reading it on the website and participating in the online community.

This community has been so important to me.  The people I have met here have become friends in the truest sense of the word.  We have cried together over the loss of our friends (Tommie) and our friends’ families (Edd, Merry, and Sheila).  We have lifted each other up through loss of job (George) and loss of well-being (Willis).  We have encouraged each other through different life phases (Cherie, Marsha, and Kathy) and physical challenges (Sarah).  We have laughed with Raynard and praised God with Carmen.  We have supported each others’ endeavors (Dan, Judy, and RetiredStew). We have been inspired by our sages (Monte, Jay, and Joe). And when I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew my UR Family was praying for me, and that gave me much comfort and peace.

There are so many other names I could and should mention, but I could never get them all. If I have left you out, please know that I still love you.  We have created something so very special with our family.  

Thank you for being my friend.

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