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May 2019 Wednesday Study Questions

April 24, 2019 by Upper Room Editorial Staff

May 1: “Visiting Willy”

1. Describe a time when your small actions made a big difference for someone.  How did this experience encourage you?
2. Who in your life, like Willy, simply needs to be heard? How will you make sure this person knows that you hear and love them?
3. Do you have loved ones who have suffered a stroke or some other debilitating health issue?  In what ways do you show them Christ’s love?  In what ways do you encourage them?
4. Today’s writer witnesses through his actions, rather than always talking about God.  Is it always beneficial to witness primarily through actions or does it depend on the situation?
5. Willy said, “That isn’t for me. I am good where I’m at.”  Have there been times in your life when you’ve felt a similar way about God? What caused you to feel this way, and what brought you back to God?

May 8: “A Talent to Share”

1. Today’s writer helped Aung Lin by bringing him food and money and by showing God’s love to him.  What does showing God’s love to others look like to you?
2. What talents do you possess that you can use to help others and glorify God?  If you have talents that you don’t share with others, what is holding you back?
3. Does your church or your community have an organized effort to help refugees and others in need?  If so, describe it. If not, what are some ways you could help on your own and encourage others to join you?
4. Is it difficult for you to find the time and energy to serve others?  Like the author, do you wonder if you can make a difference in other people’s lives?  How do you combat these doubts and difficulties?
5. Recall a time when God led you to someone in need.  How did you respond?  How do you make sure that your heart and mind are open to those who need your help?

May 15: “Not Afraid”

1. Have you or a loved one been given a scary diagnosis?  How did you overcome the fear you felt?  What scripture passages comforted you during that time?
2. Describe an experience that reminded you that God was bigger than your problems.  How does that experience encourage you now?
3. Recall a time when you relied on God to help you overcome fear.  Did you experience relief from the weight of worry?  What did that look like for you?
4. What can you do to encourage someone who is dealing with health issues? How can your church community show them love and help them through this challenging time?
5. When in your life have you had the choice to trust God or give in to fear?  What did you choose?  What scripture passages and spiritual practices helped you make your decision?

May 22: “Keep Watch”

1. Describe a situation when you were not on the front lines of God’s work.  Did you remain engaged in the situation or did you remove yourself from it?  Why?
2. What does it look like to keep watch and remain engaged in the work of God?  What spiritual practices help to keep you excited about God’s work in the world?
3. What opportunities does your church offer that allow you to engage in the work of God?  Do you participate on the front lines?  If so, describe your experience.  If not, how do you support and engage with those opportunities from the sidelines?
4. Have you ever had a friend who was going through trials and needed you to keep watch with them, as Jesus asked of his disciples?  How were you able to remain engaged and provide support and companionship for this person?
5. How do you know when you are being called to work on the front lines or to cheer from the sidelines?  Have there been times when you did not like what God was calling you to do?  Describe those times and explain how you responded.

May 29: “Be Still”

1. When you’re experiencing a crisis, do you find it difficult to be still?  Why?  What can you do to encourage yourself to lean in and trust God during such times?
2. Recall a time when you did not remain calm during a crisis.  Recall a time when you did.  What affected your responses in each situation?
3. What scripture passages help you to find peace during times of struggle?  Do you find comfort in fellowship with other believers during these times or do you prefer solitary worship?  Why?
4. Have you ever felt like God was not helping you out of a crisis in the way you would have liked?  How did you keep trusting in God to resolve the situation even if it was not the resolution you would have chosen?
5. What advice would you give to a friend or loved one who is struggling to remain still during a difficult time?  How would you encourage them to find peace?

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