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Have a Little Faith

May 9, 2019 by Hiteshkumar Jashvantbhai Solanki (Gujarat, India)

They were the days when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I had the Bible in my mother tongue, but it had been my longing to have an English Bible for so long. I wanted to purchase it, so I visited a shop. But what bothered me the most was the price. As a student, my little pockets couldn’t afford that amount. I wondered, Why so high a price when the Author (God) gives it for free?            

I left the idea of buying it and almost forgot about it, but God didn’t. After a few days, on one fine morning, I went to the library of our little town. The library offered its members worn out books for free. The members could choose any two books and take them home. My curious eyes were searching round the library for my study reference books. First, I spotted a blue covered book that was one of the study reference books. Can you guess the other one I found? The Holy Bible! Miracle! Who can imagine the joy I felt? I can feel the same thrill while writing this.

Life is a bundle of miracles. You are always in God’s mind whether you leave it or believe it. Though you may be in the midst of a financial crisis, suffering from incurable disease, or fighting against the pain of a loved one’s death, be still and have faith. Had the wine at Cana not been in scarce, had the crippled man not been ill for 38 years, had Lazarus not died, we would never have witnessed those miracles. You might then be thinking, Why me? Just remember that God loves and believes in us and if we believe in God, the painful situations we are facing now may be pathways to miracles. If I had had enough money that day, I would not have the English Bible, nor would I have seen God’s provision of a miracle in this situation!

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