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Link2Life - November 16

November 16, 2017 by Tracy Crump (Mississippi)
Tracy with her grandchild

Like most parents, I became an expert on unconditional love the moment I had children. Those innocent newborn eyes captured my heart, and as my daughter-in-law said recently, “I would literally lie down on the train tracks for that child.” Then I had grandchildren, and oh, my goodness! I could kiss and snuggle, read books and play games, and shower those little ones with love. It only got better. 

But no matter how much we love our children and grandchildren, God loves each of us more. Yes, He has to discipline at times, but his love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). God created us and then turned around and redeemed our lives with his. He really did lie down on the tracks for us.

Now this is the hard part—God wants us to show that same love to others. Talk about difficult! I have no trouble when it comes to my sweet little grandbabies, but a grumpy stranger or a rude clerk? What about someone who really hurts us—the false friend or the unfaithful spouse? God doesn’t give us the option to pick and choose but instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matt. 19:19). What’s more, all those who come to Christ in faith receive the Holy Spirit, so if we refuse to love a brother or sister, we’re refusing to love God.   

Tracy and Cindy

In my devotional, Cindy started a simple ministry to reach out to visitors at our church, welcoming them in love. I want to follow Cindy’s example and show that same kind of love to my neighbors.

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