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July 5, 2019 by Janet Asbridge (Washington, USA)

When God formed my inmost being (Psalm 139:13), God created in me a love for words and books. One of my earliest happy memories was my mom reading me stories before nap time. After she was done, she’d tip-toe away, hopeful that I’d be lulled by the stories and fall fast asleep. But I was too excited to sleep. I’d sit paging through the books she’d left behind, studying the illustrations, my imagination on fire.  

When I became a young woman, my love for books took a new turn and I became a reading teacher for beginning readers. I spent many happy years pouring my energy into planning lessons and creating a vibrant classroom environment to help kids grow as readers.   

Recently, my love for kids and books took yet another direction when I created a set of books for very early readers with a highly controlled vocabulary. I had a blast trying to feed donuts to various farm animals on my brother-in-law’s farm to see which animals would actually eat them. You can discover the results of my experiment in my e-book called Do You Like Donuts? You can find my book here

But perhaps my favorite project was completed with the help of my cat, Salty. Together we created a chapter book designed for very early readers called Stuffed Animal Tales. Stuffed Animal Tales is about three stuffed friends named Larry, Teri, and Dug who build a fort and play hide and seek with the Naughty Monkeys and Salty. Here’s a link to Stuffed Animal Tales.  You can find my other early reader e-books under my name at

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