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December 17, 2017 by Marion Speicher Brown (Florida)

If you’re at least seventy, this piece is especially for you!  

Once upon a time, my hubby and I retired to the land of sunshine and palm trees. We joined a retirement community that offers independent homes, garden apartments, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing care.  

On Sundays, you’ll find us gladly worshiping at the on-campus chapel which serves our residents. How I love this congregation! We range in age from late-sixties (the youngsters) to very late nineties (the veterans), with an average age of eighty-six.  

I began writing meditations for this group several years ago. The devotionals appear regularly in large print in our church bulletin.  Folks soon began mailing the meditations to friends and family hither and yon. Gradually the idea of a simple blogsite sprouted. The goal is for folks in their 70s, 80s and 90s to easily access the devotionals and forward them to friends, as desired.  

The site is entitled “Cedars and Palms” to reflect the heart-lifting truth of Psalm 92:12-15. Reading these verses, I’m delighted to discover that old age is affirmed as a time for growth, flourishing, fruitfulness and bold witness. I love how God’s Word digs deeply into the issues and concerns of those of us of advanced years.  With help from our daughter, the blogsite opened last month at I’d love to have you join us there.  

Blessings as we adventure together,  

Marion Speicher Brown

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