Suppose someone among you had one hundred sheep and lost one of them. Wouldn’t he leave the other ninety-nine in the pasture and search for the lost one until he finds it? - Luke 15:4 (CEB)

When I was a child, the parable of the lost sheep was my favorite. I often asked my parents to tell it to me at bedtime. I found the story thrilling — the shepherd counting the sheep, realizing that one was missing, and going out to look for it despite...

Today's Prayer
Merciful God, make us sensitive to the needs of children. Help us to share your love with them so they may be certain they are never alone. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Today's Reading
Luke 15:1-7

Thought for the Day

How will I help children in need in my community today?

Prayer Focus

Children’s ministries around the world

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