How could Abram possibly question God? God has twice promised Abram the blessings of land and descendants. Here God, once again, clearly communicates with Abram and tells him that “his reward will be very great.” Despite all this interaction and communication, Abram responds to God’s latest promise with a bit of an attitude. While verse 6 makes it clear that Abram believes the promise, he seems ready to have some assurance that the promise will come to fruition. God patiently tells Abram to look up at the sky and the thousands of stars and assures him that he will have many descendants. These promises will materialize. God and Abram engage in a covenant ritual to confirm the fulfillment of vows, particularly to instill confidence in Abram that God will make good on the promises.
Many of us have experienced God’s presence. It may have been during a worship service or during a time of personal prayer and devotion or while on a walk around a beautiful lake. God’s presence was real; God’s words may even have been clear. We may have told a family member or friend about the experience or written about it in our journal. But like Abram, perhaps we have forgotten that sense of clarity of God’s presence. The memory may have faded, and we may have questioned the validity of the experience. Take time to remember these moments of presence and recognition of God’s promises while acknowledging that trust and hope in the Lord forms the bedrock of our relationship. God is faithful.

God, you reveal yourself to us in a myriad of ways. Forgive our failure to remember your constancy and faithfulness. Amen.

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