In the Hebrew Scriptures, we tend to focus on the daring escape of the Hebrew people from Egypt, fast-forwarding through the many adventures of the people during their forty-year wilderness trek. Here in Joshua 5, we discover a generation of Hebrew people who experience God’s promise fulfilled. They celebrate the Passover in the land of promise and praise the saving work of Yahweh from generation to generation.
The Hebrew people during their wilderness wandering lived day to day by relying on the grace of God who provided for their needs. Here in chapter 5, they taste the first fruits of Canaan. “The manna ceased the day they ate the produce of the land.” A new day dawns.
In this season of Lent, we make our journey to the Cross and the grave. We may be tempted to fast-forward to the end where we stand on Easter morning singing God’s praises.
This week, we have an opportunity to appreciate the sacred moments of the in-between—times when the Hebrew people experience God’s provision again and again, moments like this when we center ourselves in God who is present with us in this very moment. Maybe you have had a taste of God’s promises fulfilled and are excited for the next steps. Maybe it’s your lack of fulfillment that causes you to hunger for enough daily bread just to make it through the next few hours.
How are you being rooted and grounded in this moment to acknowledge God’s presence?

God of yesterday, tomorrow, and this very moment, may I experience all that you are with all that I am. Amen.

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