Perhaps the Spirit’s most important lessons emphasize our freedom and our family connections. We may acknowledge our freedom on an intellectual level, but how many of us know people chained by fear? The fear may be as common as an overconcern about what the neighbors will say. Fear of losing status is possibly as real today as it ever has been. How many of us know persons who have compromised their faith in order to be viewed as those who are willing to go along to get along? Paul writes that with the Pentecost gift of the Holy Spirit, we do not have to compromise who we are. The Spirit unleashes the new creation in all directions. Those “led by the Spirit” have a new identity: “children of God.”
Our new family joins us on the journey of life. When the new creation begins at Pentecost, the waves that spread out across creation allow us a new means of transportation. Instead of slogging along the footpaths of life, alone, isolated, afraid of threats both real and imagined, we walk boldly as those of the company of saints. As sons and daughters of the Living God, we have family to support us, guard us, and care for us.
The Spirit who leads us into lives of divine adoption comes alongside our spirit as we cry, “Abba! Father!” We become heirs with Christ with whom we share both suffering and glory.
As heirs of the promises of God, we walk freely, slaves to no one and nothing. Our journey may be long or short, but every day is a blessing, every step is a prayer, and every act of mercy a statement of faith. Shadows may mark our journey at times, but we travel as a part of the company of light. The waves of new creation have swept us up in the creating, loving will of God. We have no fear. Our future is secure.

Blessed God, remind me that when I cannot see your face or hear your voice, my sisters and brothers will let me see you in them. Amen.

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