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Welcome to The Upper Room Prayer Wall

“Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” —Galatians 6:2 (NRSV)

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The Upper Room Prayer Wall is a place for people to connect — with each other and with God. Each day, hundreds of prayer wall visitors share their needs, praises, and concerns, and they respond to prayer requests posted by others.

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NeilB(Canada) from Montreal, canada requests prayer...

My wife and I rent a flat- apartment with our adult son who has some issues, he has O C D, Tourette’s, and has a stutter we have decided to move to rent a bigger place a house a multi generation home so we can take care of my mother in law and acc...Read Moreommodate our son.The problem is he is not cooperating the present landlord wants to bring people over to look at the apartment and he has asked us to make sure he room is tidy we need the landlord to like us in order for him to give us a positive recommendation our son does not want to clean his room. I need pray for cooperation from our son and understanding from the landlord.

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Hmenchaca4@gmail.com from Usa requests prayer...

Holy Fathert, we love and praise you, protect us from our enemies, Amen.

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angela0001 from Anonymous requests prayer...

Please pray that I will be able to get ahold of human services today my husband and I can't afford food we live in a hotel room and it's really expensive to rent by the week.

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Rhett from Maryland requests prayer...

I need help I know I will not make it till the 21 of April I honestly thought I was getting some faith in my life then I get hit by the biggest rock on the mountain could throw at me and it hit perfect my mind and health right out the window I can't ...Read Morekeep this up Amen

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Terri from Florida requests prayer...

Dear Lord, I ask for healing for Mike, Leslie, Sharon, Rhonda and her sister Debra, Monica, Michael, Catherine, Willie, Laura's dad, Debbie and her husband, Brannon, Gus, Pam, Jerry, Gerry, Gillian, Jason, Pam H, Mr. Bib's wife, me and all who are si...Read Moreck, in pain, alone, afraid and grieving. Thank You Father, that all things are possible with You! All glory and our deepest love to You for every good thing! Amen

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NanaKwadwo from Ghana requests prayer...

Dear lord, I thank you for the guidance and consciousness. I pray into today’s interim exam. May you work in my favor once again in Jesus’ name. Amen

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ChristineL1967 from Us-ny requests prayer...

May the end of this Lenten season be the beginning of a season of peace, abundance & prosperity for my husband & I. May he & I conduct ourselves to reflect the Good Lord’s grace and mercy. Thank you. In Jesus’ Name I Pray!

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tedfuller from On requests prayer...

Asking for your help and prayers that I may love my brothers and sisters in Christ and pray to God for them all and for myself that we will be united in love and truth. God Bless you all! Ted

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MirandasT from Home requests prayer...

Please protect our country and president Trump. Please heal my leg. Please protect and guide Joan. Help Vera.

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Ranup from Home requests prayer...

JESUS we ask that YOU heal mar of anxiety,anger,pain; guide her through difficult times and lead her to YOUR Joy and HOPE Amen

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