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August 13, 2022 by Christopher L. Scott (Washington, USA)

Praise the Lord! While I still had some back pain two years ago when I drafted this meditation, most of it is gone now! It’s been a struggle of more than three years.

While the correction of my posture did make a big difference to alleviate my back pain, it didn’t get rid of all of it. It’s taken an additional couple years of practicing those new habits of keeping a straight back while sitting at my desk working (even while writing this right now), cooking dinner for my family, and walking with my dog in the evenings (which I wrote about here:

But as life goes on, new challenges arise. Starting in January of this year, I’ve had a nagging pain in my right wrist and elbow. (Perhaps from writing and submitting too many meditations to The Upper Room for consideration?) Life sometimes feels like a constant battle. Once we get one struggle under control, it seems we are given another one.

I’ve learned to trust God through my back pain and now through this wrist pain. I depend on God for healing. And I trust God’s grace to provide a solution for the future, even when I don’t know what might be.

I hope my meditation for today encourages you to spend time daily in God’s word. I hope you don’t read just the meditations from the authors each day, but that you also look up the longer sections of scripture referenced with the meditations. Whether you read the scriptures or listen to them read to you, I pray God’s word will guide you and your actions throughout the day.

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