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December 15, 2022 by Navamani Peter (Karnataka, India)

How excited I felt when I learned that my family was coming to see me after two long years of separation and isolation due to the pandemic! They were coming from three different parts of the world — North America, Asia, and Australia. So we planned the reunion for few days at a comfortable resort in a port city in Goa, India. Even the monsoon’s torrential rain could not dampen our spirits.

Every member of the group brought their unique talents and special gifts to entertain us — from Aarav’s display of magic tricks to John’s rollicking Texan songs, from my son Sanjeeth and grandson Mahil’s photographs of Goan’s reptilian life to Roshan and Quinn’s duets. We even posed for group photograph wearing Divya’s contribution of T-shirts with the logo “Together Again 2022.”

Goan’s special seafood was enjoyed by all of us except my two grandchildren Roshan and Harsha who are allergic to fish. The food was cooked in Goan’s special spices. We enjoyed sightseeing, visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus where the body of St. Francis Xavier is preserved. We shopped for Goan T-shirts, mementos, and cashew nuts, which are famous in Goa.

During our evening time, my grandson Mahil read The Upper Room devotional for December 15th. My granddaughter Harsha was excited about it because that day happens to be her birthday. My son Pavan posted the devotional along with the page containing photographs of the writers on our family’s messaging app page. My family is very happy that I contribute meditations to The Upper Room devotional.

This was a wonderful time of celebration for my family.

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