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March 3, 2019 by Linda L. Isaacs (New York, USA)

Jesus told us that when we are stressed and worried, we should consider how the lilies grow (Luke 12:27). I do not have lilies growing anywhere nearby, but I do have my African violets. And when life seems overwhelming, I find it soothing to look at them.

When they bloom, they are spectacular. But I find them interesting whatever they are doing — recovering from being repotted, sprouting new leaves, tilting themselves towards the sun, developing buds that promise future beauty. I especially enjoy how they begin to grow as the days get longer while it is still cold outside. In the depths of winter, new leaves and blooms are like an early breath of spring.

I love my violets whether they are flowering or not, and care for them with water, plant food, light, repotting and pruning. As I look at them, I remind myself that God loves me simply because I am, not because of my appearance or performance. And I also remind myself that times of pruning are part of God’s care for me.


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