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Inward Journey

Tools for your personal relationship with God.

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Why Pray?


Fasting and Freedom

Discerning God's Will

The Examen

Lectio Divina: Praying the Scriptures

Establishing Stability Amid Change

Visio Divina

A Seven-Day Experiment with Wholeness

The Ignatian Method of Prayer

Personalizing Scripture

Praying the Psalms

Cultivating Joy

Epiphany - Looking for Christ in the Ordinary

Seven Days Toward Simplicity

Soaking Prayer

Walking Prayer

A Liturgy for Morning Prayer

A Liturgy of Night Prayer

Finding Your Treasure

Lectio on Life

Seven Suggestions for Healing and Renewal in the Midst of Stress and Anxiety

Making Decisions

Loving Our Child-Selves


Centering Prayer

An Exercise in Listening to God

Becoming a Compassionate Neighbor to Myself

Pray the Scriptures Using Audio Lectio

The Breath Prayer

Tending the Soul of the Congregation

The Spiritual Practice of Acceptance

Holy Listening as a Spiritual Practice

A Lenten Spiritual Practice: Wilderness Meditation

Return to Our Hearts

Befriending Our Tears

WWJI (Who Would Jesus Invite?)

Sabbath as Spiritual Practice

Come and Rest for A While

Soul Reset: Breakdown, Breakthrough, and the Journey to Wholeness

The Examen

Creativity as Spiritual Practice

Thanks be to God: Gratitude as a Prayer of Adoration

Cultivating Gratitude

The Work of Hope

An Advent Spiritual Practice: Welcome God into Your Heart

How Do I Love Thee? A Letter to My Enemies

New Every Morning 2020 Bundle

The One Thing Necessary

The Jesus Priority

Breathe in God’s Light

Fear Transformed by Love

The Gift of Tears

Praying the Psalms

The Spiritual Work of Overcoming Racism

Listening with the Heart: Conversation as Charity

Spiritual Formation in a Digital World

Stewards of Creation

With Open Eyes: Discerning the Pattern of God’s Presence

The Upper Room Publisher’s Perspective on the Sin of Racism

Blessed be the Tie

Kindlers and Purifiers of Dreams

Enclosed In Darkness (But Not Alone)

Our resolve must be different. My prayer is that we have finally reached a tipping point. My hope is that when the protests fade and the marches slow that our will as a church to truly eradicate the scourge of racism won’t dissipate but grows even stronger.” 

View a growing list of resources for the spiritual work of overcoming racism.